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Victims of CIA Torture Sue Over Unlawful Detainment

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 by in News |

lawsuit filed against the CIA will make psychologist interrogators lose sleep themselves when three men, (Suleiman Abdullah Salem, Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud and Gul Rahman), make a stand over outrageous techniques used in the war against Afghanistan. The psychologists, who earned millions aiding the U.S. government in Afghanistan, are facing a federal lawsuit for the wrongful detainment of all three men and the wrongful death of Gul Rahman by his estate.

Survivors Tell All, Including Being Kidnapped In a Different Country

helping-victimsAll three men were not native Afghanistan residents, in fact, they were illegally kidnapped in their home countries and deported to Afghanistan for brutal and inhuman torture, some of which lead to the death of Gul. Their harrowing tale is recaptured in these short, but brutal details:

  • Salim, a Tanzanian resident, was kidnapped in Somalia and transported to Afghanistan, where he was detained for a period of five years without any charges.
  • Soud, a Libyan resident, was captured in Pakistan and tortured for two years in Afghanistan and then sent to Libya, where he was further tortured and detained as a prisoner of war by the dictator Moammar until 2011.
  • Rahman is suspected of dying from hypothermia in 2002 after being left naked on a freezing cold floor while tied up.

These claims further back up cases filed by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) against the former CIA director George Tenet on behalf of German citizen Khaled El-Masri and against Boeing for the illegal transport of such victims. Although, such cases were overturned by the federal courts due to the jeopardy they would pose to government secrets.kidnapping-victim-returns-home.w_hr

CIA Interrogation Leaves More Than Physical Scars

An Attorney at the ACLU, Steven Watt believes that it would be absurd to dismiss these cases for the same reason, because the clients’ cases are a matter of public records already; including the senate’s reports.

In addition to the death of Rahman, the torture these three men received left more than a few physical scars from the brutal beatings. Neuroscientists claim torture leaves long-term physiological scars. The CIA’s harsh techniques, say 2000px-CIA.svgscientists, seek to make detainees “passive and powerless” and induce a state of mind called “learned helplessness.” No matter the label, the dramatic torture is designed to condition victims through extreme stress and fear. Dr. Vincent Lacopino says, “… clearly indicate that people are going to be damaged for a very long time.”

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