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Two Month Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit Settles

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 by in News |

he final lawsuit for bladder cancer caused by Actos against Takeda Pharmaceuticals will soon be completed. Two of these claims were settled this week in Nevada. Takeda set aside $2.4 billion towards various lawsuits from diabetics who used Actos and developed bladder cancer.

More Actos Lawsuits

Takeda released a statement in September indicating approximately 96% of injured parties had signed up to get $2.3 Billion in compensation. This would include most of the 8,000 lawsuits currently in the courts or on hold.

Takeda are Trying to Move On

Takeda has also settled seven of the nine lawsuits that were tried and on appeal. The company agreed to pay 97% of cases that included settlement criteria, resulting in an additional $100 million in payments. Takeda’s main priority now is to finish all Actos related bladder cancer claims by settling with all injured parties.Bladder-Cancer-5-Things-You-Need-To-Know

All aspects of Actos will be looked into by the defense. This review will take many months. It may be the middle of 2016 before it’s completed. Users of generic Actos won’t be part of the settlement process.

The amount each genuinely injured party gets will be determined using a points system matrix. Medical costs for treatment of the resulting bladder cancer will also be calculated and paid by the funds set aside. This takes time and it will be at least 2017 before the whole settlement is completed.

Nevada Bladder Cancer Case

George Decou as well as family members of the deceased Maurice Iorio doc-patienthave settled their claim in a current Actos trial held in Las Vegas which began in August. In November 2013, Maurice Iorio died from bladder cancer caused by the drug.

It was believed Takeda Pharmaceuticals did not let patients know about the dangerous side effects of Actos. It’s also alleged that Takeda hid these facts and evidence linking Actos to these risks was destroyed.

More than 8,000 Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuits

Over 8,000 of these cases have been filed in the United States. This averages out at approximately $296,000 for each lawsuit. However, there will be reductions for those who smoke, their age when they were affected and other risks patients faced.

actos-boxesThe History of Actos

Actos is used for Type 2 diabetes and made huge profits for Takeda. In 2010 the drug was linked to bladder cancer. By 2011, the FDA told Takeda to inform patients, doctors and other medical professionals about the dangers of Actos, especially if it was going to be used for long periods of time.

It’s claimed that Takeda had full knowledge of the risks associated with Actos. However, this was hidden from doctors, the FDA and patients using the drug.

Federal Trial Result

The federal trial in April 2014 resulted in a $9 Billion verdict against Takeda Pharmaceuticals. However, the U.S. District Judge involved in the case reduced this landmark amount to $37 million.

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